I was born and raised on the Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range under the name Russell Gunter and have enjoyed the beauty of the Rockies for 32 years. It has become clear to me that my purpose is served well by sharing the stories of Earth in time and space through my freelance photography. The idea is not to say “hey, look what I can do”, but rather to say “look at this moment the Earth shared with me” and now I can share it with you. I enjoy exploring all the landscapes and forests the West has to offer and take off into the wilds every chance I get. That is how I have come upon this passion. For years I traveled without a serious camera and realized I was wasting opportunities to capture memories. It started with a trip to Glacier National Park in 2010 when I had only a small Canon Powershot, but was able to get some decent shots. Finally, before my 2013 Yellowstone trip, I decided to get a more serious camera and learn on my own. After some trial and error, I have come to this. I hope you enjoy what I’ve captured nearly as much as I’ve enjoyed capturing.

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